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Our Biennials

Save the date

Our Biennials are always a combination of culture, art, sculpture and togetherness. Because of this we have hosted four great successful exhibitions with more planned on the way. Click below to see our plans for the Biennial 2021 or for a brief history on past Biennials.

Countdown Until Biennial 2021











The Biennial kicks off on Saturday 1st May at 9 am and runs through to May 31st, 2021.

Biennial 2021

Plan your visit to the Highlands around the Hillview Sculpture Biennial. Hillview brings together art, heritage, nature, food, and wine in one of the most fertile regions of NSW.

Don’t miss out

The 2021 biennial will be in a new format. It will purely be an indoor exhibition of small sculptures. It will still run for 1 month, it will still have significant recognition to outstanding works. It will still have (based on the past) sales that should be a beneficial experience for exhibitors and yet a wonderful new surprise for past and new visitors.


Plans are well afoot for our newly formatted, fifth biennial in May 2021. The turning point was in early 2019. We were fine tuning the parks layout and imminent installations when for obvious reasons a change was made. The park would be purely for large pieces and the biennial for small. An expansion on this concept will be short coming.

Getting there


Getting to Hillview is easy. The drive from Sydney and Canberra is about 95 minutes and from Wollongong, via scenic Macquarie Pass, is 75 minutes.


Our address: 7277 Illwarra Highway, Sutton Forest, NSW 2577



Contributing Partner Southern Highlands taxis will offer a special rate for Biennial visitors to and from Hillview. They can also bring you from and to Moss Vale Railway Station.


Our address: 7277 Illwarra Highway, Sutton Forest, NSW 2577



Trains come regularly from Canberra and Sydney to Moss Vale Station. See timetable here.


Getting to Hillview is easy. The drive from Sydney and Canberra is about 95 minutes and from Wollongong, via scenic Macquarie Pass, is 75 minutes.


Our address: 7277 Illwarra Highway, Sutton Forest, NSW 2577

Biennial 2012 – 2018

We have had 4 successful exhibitions with more planned for the future, each showcasing incredible sculpture and art pieces

The history of our Biennial

Over the last 4 exhibitions we have each time exceeded our expectations – 100 percent increase in all key performance indicators. To say that Hillview Biennial has snowballed over the last 8 years is an understatement. This growth is generally consistent in all areas. In particular, the strength in the depth and quality has been outstanding.

Hillview Sculpture Biennial 2018 Exhibiting Artists

Angus Adameitis, Felix Allen, David Ball, Robert Barnstone, Anthony Battaglia, Tobias Bennet, Noah Birch, Linda Bowden, Gary Christian, Daniel Clemmett, Hilde Angel Danielson, Gary Deirmendjian, Jane Gillings, Michael Greve, Clara Hali, David Horton, Koichi Ishino, Akira Kamada, Orest Keywan, Sam Larwill, Michael Le Grand, Barbara Licha, Julie Love, Peter Lundberg, Lucinda McDonald, Heidi McGeoch, Edward Milan, Dale Miles, Vlase Nikoleski, Peter Nilsson, Simon Pankhurst, Sonia payes, Rebecca Pierce, Michael Purdy, Jessica Raschke, Sasha Reid, Jimmy Rix, Ron Robertson-swann, Ayaki Saito, Margarita Sampson, Fatih Semiz, Michael Snape, Britta Stenmanns, Samantha Stephenson, Elyssa Sykes-smith, Barry Tate, Marcus Tatton, Andrew Townsend and Suzie Bleach, Philip Walker, Jacek Wankowski

Past Biennial Pieces

Honey Fungus and Friends
Honey Fungus and Friends is a site-specific soft sculpture installation that combines selected furniture from Hillview with textile elements and sculptural forms to create a dream-like scene of domestic disjuncture.
Man and nature have a constructive and destructive relationship, both kind and cruel. It is this embrace that is central to my work. From both civilization and nature, I take patterns and intertwine them.
Burning Down the House
It’s now becoming apparent that climate change affects every natural system on the planet, leading to more catastrophic climate events such as wildfires, drought and floods. We know what to do, so let’s work together and not burn down our house.
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